Lounge Logikk has developed projects for:


Chalise Zolezzi

Director of Public Relations & Social Media

"Joey and his team of talented fabricators brought our over-the-top ideas to life! Joey was great to work with as he listened to our vision, made recommendations and personally saw each project through. Through their work, we saw guests interacting and immersing themselves in the photo opportunities both during the day and at night.

Mia Gresik

Events & Promotions Planning Supervisor

"Lounge Logikk has been my go to company for all of my custom builds for the past three years. I have gone to Joey and his team with some crazy, out of the norm requests, and every single time Lounge Logikk knocks it out of the park. I work in the event industry and am constantly trying to come up with new ideas to make events appealing and more exciting. Lounge Logikk has built me custom games, DJ booths, and even float props for the San Diego Pride Parade. They are all such talented craftsmen that attentively work with their clients to make sure the finished product is exactly what you wanted. From the second the idea is conceptualized to the end of our events, Joey would work side by side with us, giving us creative freedom and input, but improving our ideas with his expertise.  They are truly the best."

Frances Wiseman

Director of Marketing

"Joey is a true professional! He not only listened to my vision and asked great questions, but also provided expert guidance along the way. It was so refreshing to work with someone who so obviously cared about what he was doing. There are so many people who will just do what you ask for without offering their expert opinion and you often end up with something that isn’t quite right. The final product came out better than expected and we will definitely be using Lounge Logikk again!"

Kenji Sumino


"Joey and his staff at Lounge Logikk were great to work with. They made everything so simple from planning, setup and support during the event. We had a very successful event and had many compliments. People are still talking about it to this day! Huge thanks to Lounge Logikk."

Freesia Rafello

Sr. Community Events Associate

"Joey was a great help from the start to finish of the event. He was always there to help us envision the space before the event began with multiple different floor layouts and suggestions. Coming up to the event, we had quite a few changes and new ideas, that Joey really helped us follow through with. He was able to offer us a great price on custom items, such as a wooden logo for our hedge wall and an awesome custom bar. These two items were two of the most photographed of the whole weekend, and they looked amazing in photos! Our attendees were blown away at what we were able to make happen because of Joey and his team. But, not only did he make all the floor plans and custom items, he also helped us out tremendously with day of furniture and layout changes. He truly helped our event run smoothly and made it look custom and branded with his high quality custom items. Thank you so much for all your help! We look forward to working with him again in the future!"

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