A uniquely modern bar featuring molded PVC patterns across the front panel that catch the light from the RGB LEDs mounted under the counter top. The laminate finishing on the remaining surfaces help to extend the life of the bar by adding durability while also providing a clean and customizable appearance. A variety of molded designs and laminate finishes are available that make each Camber Bar a unique piece for any event. Like all of our bars, the Camber Bar is designed with servers as well as guests in mind and features integrated ice bins, drain mats, and speed racks (amount and location varies by bar width) all lit with battery operated task lights.

Camber Bar

  • Pricing: 
    6’ Pricing Starts @ $1995.00
    8’ Pricing Starts @ $2195.00
    Dimensions: 72” or 92"W x 24"D x 42"H
    Construction: Wood & Molded PVC
    Finishes: Paint, Stain, or Laminate

    Other Info: Drainage System Available. Casters Available.

  • Lighting (front):

    RGB-W LED w/Remote (Battery Powered

    Lighting (rear):

    (2) 18" White LED Touch On/Off Task Light

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