After earning his Bachelor of Science degree at The Art Institute of California, Lounge Logikk founder, Joey Isaksen, began his career in the special events industry as the Creative Manager for a southern California based event production company. During that time he designed and oversaw the fabrication of projects for TED Conferences, Heineken USA, Wells Fargo, Aston Martin, Dannon, Land Rover, and many more. From successfully producing the wide range of projects and unique aspects required for each of them, he has grown to be prepared to design just about anything his clients ask of him and enjoys the challenge of producing every project on time and within budget. 


During the course of his career, he discovered the need for a new approach to developing rental inventory. As trends changed from year to year, he discovered the industry's demand for new products created an opportunity for someone with his unique background and experience.


Starting with very humble beginnings and a workshop in his garage, he began designing and developing an original line of portable bars, furniture, and event accents. These designs were based on utilizing parts that could be customized and configured in different ways to create multiple items, therefore limiting the need for reinvesting in inventory every year while allowing the opportunity to offer new products to the industry. He referred to this concept as "Lounge Logikk".

Today, in addition to the continuing goal of pushing the limits of product design within the special event industry, Lounge Logikk offers a full range of design services, including props, stage sets, graphics, event layouts, and event renderings from its facility located in Santa Ana, CA. 

"Vision without execution, is just hallucination."

-Thomas Edison

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