The Camber Bar

A uniquely modern bar featuring 3D panels across the front that add depth and a unique touch to our standard bar frame. A variety of molded designs are available that make each Camber Bar a unique piece for any event. The addition of the optional recessed downlighting to the front of the bar adds another dimension to its appearance as the 3D panels catch the light in ways no flat panel can.

Like all of our bars, the Camber Bar is designed with guests and servers in mind and can feature integrated ice bins, drainage systems, rubberized bar mats, and speed racks that can all be lit optional touch activated task lighting.

Deluxe Camber Bar Options

The deluxe version of our standard Camber Bar wraps all of the forward-facing surfaces with hard laminate, greatly increasing the durability and lifespan of the bar. A wide variety of laminates are available as well that allow us to mimic a huge selection of finish materials such as stone and metal.

Camber Bar Setup
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Camber Bar - White LEDs
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Camber Bar Back - 2 Wells
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Camber Bar - RBG (Pink) LEDs
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Design Details

Standard Lead Time

3-4 Weeks

Standard Sizes

2'-3.5" Deep by 4'-0" Tall 

8' Wide, 6' Wide, 4' Wide, & Corner Configurations Available

Standard Materials

Plywood & Plant Fiber Decorative Panels

Standard Finishes

Paint & Laminate (Deluxe Version)

Available Options

Alternate Front Panel Styles

Stationary or Casters

Configurable Shelf with Optional Built in Bottle Racks

Steel Speed Racks

Drainage Systems

LED Lighting (Single Color, RGB, RGB+W)

Task Lights

Custom Branding