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custom 3d letters


We have been fabricating giant 3D letters, hash tags, names, and logos long enough to have it down to a science. Generally built of wood (and acrylic if lights are involved) our letters can be finished with paint, laminates, lights, and graphic prints...or any combination of them all to get the right look for what you need.

Let us know what you want said in giant letters and we'll draw up a plan to help make your vision a reality.

The Process

The Letters and the Words They Make

The most important part of any 3D letter project are the letters themselves and how they are arranged. 3D letters have their own challenges with voids and balance coming into play. Let us know what you want yours to say, and we'll find a way to make it stand tall.


Choosing the Proper Font

Once you have your text, next comes the font (or font style if you're not sure exactly what to use). There are limitations to the complexity of 3D letters as they get larger and more feature rich, so we recommend sans serif or block serif fonts for the most impact and the best economy. 

Getting the Size Right

The font is also important because it determines the final size of the project! When creating 3D letters, you can either choose the height of the letters OR the width of the word. To avoid distortion, which can make text difficult to read, the font determines the other dimension.


The Finish Speaks Volumes

Generally we paint our solid 3D letters in whatever color our clients desire, from simple solid hues to Pantone matched company colors, resulting in a smooth satin finish. Alternatively, stain can bring out the natural beauty of the wood grain and is available in a variety of colors. We can also surface the letters in laminates that offer unique finishes from glorious golds to eclectic patterns.

The Wonders of LEDs

LED lighting can bring a static display to life with vibrant color and animation. Single colors, remote controlled RGB, and even sound modulation can all be integrated into most 3D letters. Our integrated lighting solutions can even be battery powered in certain cases. 


Contact us to start your custom project today

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