CAD Layouts & Site Plans

Whether you are simply in need of communicating plans to your client or submitting plans to the fire department for permit approval, we can put together a detailed scale drawing of your event layout.

3D Renderings

If you really need to bring your plan to life, Lounge Logikk offers 3d rendering services where we develop realistic mock-ups that make you feel as if you are standing in your space before a single cut is made.

Event Branding

Our graphics experience allows us to carry through your branding to every aspect of the custom fabrication process. From hashtags on giant Jenga games to your branding directly on a custom bar, we can make it happen.

Product Design

Need something that stands out above everything else? Then we can help forge that vision into reality with the tools in our shop and our extensive fabrication experience.

Large Format Graphics & Signage

From Step & Repeats fit for Hollywood runways to the way finding signage that makes even the most complicated event navigable, we have the experience and vendors on hand to create the visuals to make your event stand out above the rest.

Contact us today to get a personalized quote to fit your custom design needs.