The Kinsella Bar

A simple, affordable, and highly customizable design that highlights the contrast between the grain of stained wood and solid colors.


Originally painted white with stained front panels, the design works with innumerable color pairings with the same amazing effect, allowing it fit seamlessly into any event space. Optional recessed LED lighting on the front of the bar highlights the details of the natural wood slats.

Like all of our bars, the Kinsella Bar is designed with guests and servers in mind and can feature integrated ice bins, drainage systems, rubberized bar mats, and speed racks that can all be lit optional touch activated task lighting.

Kinsella Bar Front
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Kinsella Bar Back - Center Well
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Kinsella Bar
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Kinsella Bar Back - 3 Wells
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Design Details

Standard Lead Time

2-3 Weeks

Standard Sizes

2'-3.5" Deep by 4'-0" Tall 

8' Wide, 6' Wide, 4' Wide, & Corner Configurations Available

Standard Materials

Wood & Plywood

Standard Finishes

Stain & Paint

Available Options

Stationary or Casters

Configurable Shelf with Optional Built in Bottle Racks

Steel Speed Racks

Drainage Systems

LED Lighting (Single Color, RGB, RGB+W)

Task Lights

Custom Branding