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Magazine Photo Booth

Make your guests the star of the show with our customizable magazine cover photo booths.


These booths are large enough for several people to stand in and pretend to be on the cover of a magazine themed to your event. A full color background covers the back wall of the booth and the acrylic front panel is decked out with contour cut vinyl stickers that mimic the headlines and sections of a magazine cover. Add you event name, logos, hashtags, and highlights just like they’d appear on a magazine and get your cameras ready.

The booth comes apart into multiple pieces for transit and storage. A customizable crate can be fabricated as well to keep it safe at an additional cost.

Design Details

Standard Lead Time

4-6 Weeks

Standard Sizes

6' Wide by 8' Tall by 3' Deep

Standard Materials

Wood, Plywood, & Acrylic

Standard Finishes

Paint, Stain, & Vinyl Graphics

Available Options

Customizable Dimensions

Custom Interior Lighting

Full Custom Branding

Optional Side Access Doors

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